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Joanna Beasley

Made to be Free

There is an innate freedom we all have. KNOWING who we are, whose we are, before we ever “knew” it. It’s a power from within that speaks of healing, love and life. This power is Jesus. For those who aren’t quite certain yet, that’s ok, I would love for you to come along with me in this walk where we remind ourselves of our power from within, of our WORTH that’s worth telling about, of our identity and dignity, of our creativity and freedom to be OUR OWN, each and EVERY one of us.

First, let me speak of “each and everyone of us.” Even Adam and Eve in the garden weren’t void of this gift. They, like each us, were given life. Our mothers, and their mothers before us, and their mothers before we were even a thought, all chose to GIVE life. YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE IF SOMEONE HAD NOT CHOSEN TO GIVE YOU LIFE. This is very important to notice regardless of what you believe and why you believe it. If someone hadn’t chosen to give you life by sharing their own with you, would you have breath right now? The answer is simple, NO. The same is true in the Garden, Adam and Eve would not have life if God had not decided to share His life with them, making them in His image, and breathing His very own LIFE into their creation called body. A body is to be honored, to be respected. We see this from a very young age even from a push or shove when someone is getting to close. It’s innate to know that this is MY body, and though gifted to me, it is a gift that is MINE.

I believe, and I see it all through scripture, that we ARE meant to know our value, our gifting, our purpose and know it well. We are meant to and given the free will even by God Himself, to decide if we will or will not go on this walk, take this journey, pursue this path, say yes. It’s a choice, and it’s ours. I’ve taken note quite a few times these last few days that each and every miracle that we have recorded, was done by God, through man. We get to cooperate with His power in US, with His Hand moving. The gift of life is another miracle that we get to cooperate with. EVEN THE VERY SON OF GOD did not just appear on this earth without coming through man (woman). And so it is with each one of us that ever has been, is now, and ever will be. We are MIRACLES IN THE MAKING created by God, through man (and woman), and given Life through the act of love, of desire, of celebration, of joy, of closeness. Yes there are ways that the enemy will always try to pervert this beautiful miracle and gift, and still yet again, only through man himself. We shouldn’t forget our freedom, our authority, our value, or who we are.

This is our freedom. God respects our Freedom, do we respect each others? Do we respect the Freedom that YOUR life may be growing inside of me is yours? That mine would not be here if someone had no respected mine, though a part of theirs, still saw it as my own. We are created by God, and a part of His life, yet even still He gives us authority over our own lives. To choose Him, to live how we choose whether in His desire for us or not, even still promising to work everything for our Good to those that love Him. He’s a good God.

Now we get to choose if we will BE good. IF we will honor this freedom in ourselves. Do we honor that we are made with a purpose, on purpose, by purpose? Do we honor that NOTHING AND NO ONE will get to decide for us what we choose to put in our bodies. We honor that my life is my own and you cannot take it. Yet, we freely give our lives and the lives to follow into the hands of those who want to alter it without regard of consequence. EVERY choice we choose has an effect, good or bad. When we choose to put a chemical or foreign substance in our body because modern medicine says it’s a good idea without regard to the SIGNS and EVIDENCE that it is opposed to our NATURAL FREEDOM, what are we saying?

Many may think this extreme, but when a soldier goes to war and comes back with a rage in the middle of the night because of the terrors of what he’s seen, do we think the soldier extreme, or of the trauma of what he or she has witnessed and gone through? THIS IS MY BODY AND I AM FREE. I will live like I’m free. With my health and sound mind, I will decide when it’s time to create a child because I KNOW my body, myself, ME. I have the power to unveil how I have been created, and what my body is created to do. I have the power to take back this authority, this dignity, this worth, this gift that I have been given. NO ONE gets to tell me that I am not free. I know I am free. I have proof that I am free. I even knew this very early on, when asking if there were any other options besides birth control, being told no. Was this the truth? CLEARLY NOT. You get to decide if you will accept your innate freedom. Will you continue to be told lies and believe them? Will you continue to alter your make up at the risk of your emotions, your fertility, your body, your health, your children, your life? Will you TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM, make it your own, and join me on deciding what you already know, that you were made to be FREE!

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