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Joanna Beasley

SPEAKING is something that makes me feel alive. Not only does it activate my true heart, but I get to INSPIRE  the hearts of others and watch them awaken as words fall on listening ears.


Words are like seeds. I have been given so much, and so many great minds have planted seeds into my life that I must keep planting into others lives as well. Words have the ability to REWIRE. Sometimes our lives get off a bit, or a lot....BUT the power of life and death are in the tongue. SO, I speak truth and ears receive life. 

If I matter, and I’m worth it to Him, what would really happen if I fully received that as absolute, and compelled others just the same…so here we go.

"From her singing to her speaking, she is helping people reach their FULL potential."

- Tim Storey

 Pastor of The Congregation Church

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