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Joanna Beasley

Above all, do no harm.

I’m sick. Literally I’m sick. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and can hardly get off the couch. I feel so terrible for people with Cancer, I always have, to feel like this day in and day out is so taxing and wearing on your mind. “Will it ever end?” While thankfully I have 9 months to go and I can guarantee I won’t feel this way anymore, it feels impossible to go just one. more. day. like this….

And here I am getting sicker by the moment reading these terrible lies and narratives that racist, controlling, power-hungry evil doers are using to brain-wash our generation into believing that this is not life. I saw a bill-board yesterday that said “fingerprints just 9 weeks after conception” - no fingerprint is identical. The constitution, the Bible, MLK and even BLM all agree that each life is created equal, do they not really believe what they protest for, fight for, riot for, give their lives for? So why are these lives any different? BECAUSE IT’S A LIE!

There a many people who are right on track with what I’m saying, and there are many people who are blowing this off like it’s nothing, and then there are people who are just as angry as I am, but at me, not with me. So let’s break that down, shall we?

1. Christianity is the ONLY religion that the God we serve, GAVE UP HIS life for us, His Children. HE SET THE EXAMPLE. We don’t have to earn His favor, His love, our redemption, our freedom, our LIFE - He FREELY gave it to us by not only creating us, but then making it possible for us to live the life that He has - the ZOE life (look it up - it’s the God kind of life), no strings attached. If you’ve been taught any other way, I encourage YOU to read the Bible on your own, not someone else’s regurgitation of it, but for yourself, to see what it really says. I also wrote another blog on this discussing how someone else sacrificed their life for you to be here (AKA YOUR MOM!), yes it’s a sacrifice because it’s hard and it’s challenging, and so is everything else that is worth it. It’s why Jesus went to the cross.

2. WHERE DOES IT END? It’s always “just a little bit more…” with ANYTHING in life. Good OR Bad. Money, sex, lies, sin, evil, adultery, pleasure, food, satisfaction, love, indulgence, a good tv show, a thrill, a rush, adventure, surfing, a great business deal, you name it! But when is life, not life? When is a heartbeat, not really a heart beat? When are fingerprints, organs, emotions, feelings, instinctive to pull away from pain not really a person, a human-being (have you watched the movie based on a true story UNPLANNED?)? Hitler had his own idea of this, and he was actually inspired by the racist, eugenicist, KKK supporter, FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger (again, look it up). She wanted a controlled population that would “disregard” the “less desirable population” (see Washington Post). WHAT!?!?!?! WHY isn’t BLM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL OVER THIS? And, if you want to go along with the idea that this isn’t the narrative today of Planed Parenthood, then just look to see where they are established? Do you EVER see one of these abortion seeking facilities in a rich, well-mannered, or predominately white neighborhood? No. Never. They are in poor communities, black communities, minority communities. So, you’d be willing to say that Planned Parenthood no longer agrees with the Eugenics movement? THEY AREN’T TRYING TO HELP YOU, THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU. Put your money where your mouth is, and think again. It started with birth control (aka let’s not let the life conceived have the ability to implant and therefore survive, even though it may already have a heartbeat), then it was early term abortion (before 20 weeks because, I mean, it’s not really a baby yet, it can’t even survive outside of the womb), now as we saw NY celebrate disgustingly, it’s late term abortion (after 20 weeks, able to survive outside of the womb, a “real" baby before concerning the pro-choice party). Next it will be after the baby is born (which is already happening if the baby survives the abortion and is still alive outside of the womb - look. it. up.), then it will be your new born baby who has “too many birth defects to be effectively and economically taken care of,” then your child who is no longer “fit for society,” or you as a grown adult who according to BIG TECH is a “threat to peace” by speaking your mind as part of your constitutional rights. Think I’m wrong? Just look at history, we’ve taken it one step further, each time. Desire doesn’t quit. And there is a BIG desire here to control and devour.

3. “Above all, do no harm.” This is the oath taken as a Doctor. A medical practitioner we put our trust and hope in to take care of us. An early term abortion is not only linked to, but scientifically proven to cause breast-cancer (breast tissue developing to supply milk not fully developed and therefore cancer-resistant), depression (both hormonal and mental imbalance), medical complications (enough said), and even death of the mother. Since when in America does the government get to dictate to a licensed doctor what LEGAL prescriptions can or cannot be prescribed as we saw with COVID-19…? If a doctor who is committed to their oath of doing NO harm, is trying to physically save the mother’s life and in doing so the baby therefore dies, is not allowed to do that? Then what kind of world do we live in? I’ve read the TERRIBLE stories or the woman who have had to go through procedures like this and in doing so, sign a consent to abortion, and it’s terrible. A doctor, who again, is to ABOVE ALL DO NO HARM, is trying to save both mom and baby and in doing so loses one of them, is unable to use his licensed, trained, government approved, insured, years of schooling, boat-load of money job medical knowledge to save these lives and loses one, not able to make the call on his own without government consent, then we have A LOT bigger problems. Which, unfortunately, we do. But we are being distracted from the real truth, and the real problems. We are being led to fight with one another instead of against the evil that is against us.

4. EVIL people do not obey the law. People with intentions to hurt you, steal from you, kill you, have no intention, clearly, of obeying the law. Therefore, law abiding citizens who intend on following just that, the law, have no protection over themselves from those who do not intend to do so when protection is taken away from them. And you’re telling me that if abortion were to be made illegal, that the few facilities who do not obey the law, they could cause severe complications for woman still seeking an abortion, and therefore kill the baby AND mother, are actually concerned? No. Definitely not. And even more so, do you think that number of woman who could potentially be harmed is going to be more than 60+ million babies that have been innocently killed in the last 48 years in American alone? NO WAY. If it’s statistics we’re looking at, then let’s actually look at statistics.

5. Woman’s healthcare is ACTUALLY caring for the WHOLE woman. As I said before/above, there are many severe consequences related to abortion, but most of all, it’s killing part of you (again, same blog I referred to above talks about this more). You were born with millions of eggs ready to ripen and burst through the follicle in the opportunity to be fertilized. You were also born with the ability to drink liquids to hydrate your body so you don’t die, and then the ability to pee that liquid out after it’s used. Your body naturally does it. Your body naturally releases your baby that is not able to grow inside your womb (miscarriage) in the same way it naturally releases your baby when it’s grown and ready to come out (birth)! Your body does AMAZING things. When you intentionally kill part of your body, you’re killing part of you. What if we didn’t think our liver was useful and we REALLY wanted it out! What if we WANTED THE RIGHT to choose….? Or, even, our heart? What if we wanted our heart out? Well no, I mean, scientifically your heart is part of your body that keeps you alive. When we remove part of our body UNNATURALLY, we are killing ourselves. Did you know that right now (when I finished writing this blog), my baby is the size of a garlic clove (not bulb) and he or she’s vital organs are already fully formed AND functioning? I’m talking heart, liver, kidney, brain, intestines…but, I mean, it’s just science…. And NOW only 3 months later, here I am now at 20 weeks, and my baby is so strong I can feel it kicking me in the middle of the night, doing flips and hitting my bladder, reacting to noises and movement…he’s alive. He feels. He is REAL.

Many of us have been misled, and there is no condemnation in that. Repentance is simple, it’s just turning around. If you’ve bought into these lies before, you don’t have to any longer. It doesn’t make you wrong about everything in life, or the world. It doesn’t make you incapable of making good decisions. It doesn’t even make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you a Republican or a Democrat either. What determines your character are the choices you choose based on the knowledge you have. I’ve given you some really astute knowledge to ponder, but the choice is still yours. Because we were all created equal. And if you choose to murder someone else, you do have that choice, but it doesn’t make it your right.


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