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Joanna Beasley

It's time...

I’m so intrigued. I want to know more. I am literally obsessing so hard I can physically feel it coming up in my throat, getting stuck there like a huge bulge until I SAY something to let it out. I can feel it literally running through my veins, my ENTIRE body. It comes out in tears, in anger, in compassion, in sadness, in desire, in joy.

The moment this all became so real to me was the moment I saw her, but without a heartbeat, she wasn’t there anymore. Seeing a lifeless body is probably one of the oddest things we will ever experience. It was the person, it is the person, but it’s not the person anymore. To begin to describe this would take decades. To even try to put it simply... we are work of art, a masterpiece, a design so unique and complex, yet we’re made with a depth from the very heart of Love Itself. And so, we are timeless.

I want people to know the truth. That’s the most important thing to me. The truth is, they are loved. They are made BY love. They were made WITH love. How do we even begin to tap into the understanding of how we’re actually made? Science is STILL figuring it out, with new discoveries daily pertaining to our life.

You were made with a purpose, on purpose, by Purpose Himself. You’ve got to recognize the power within you to fully grasp this. I heard it said, you are the smartest most advanced technology known to man, no one can do what you do. Computers and labs and other machines can be phenomenal, but they are not remarkable like you. They don’t have an innate design to create, re-create, fix themselves, made to grow, made to heal, made to love, live, laugh and enjoy. There is literally NOTHING else like you, like us.

So what would happen if we figured “us” out - if we actually knew what we were capable of? If we actually knew how we were made. If we actually knew what was going on, what the truth was. That’s my mission. To unveil this mystery of the truth.

Every woman, every mother - I remember the moment in THIS bathroom that I’m looking at now, a few years back. I had this vision - not visually, but deep in my spirit, as I listened to a song. I knew I was going to do something in revealing the beauty and mystery of woman, I knew I was meant to minister to woman the truth of who she is. I knew my heart was for the women of God, the children that may not even know they’re His yet. I know. Sigh, I know.

I know I’m in the right place, I know it’s the right time. All the signals are green and I can hear the resounding “GO” over everything I’ve been doing. This is so powerful. Because when we become aware of who we are, Whose we are, Who we were made by and in what reflection… It changes everything. My story hasn’t always been this clear. I respect my body, myself, me, so much more now than I ever have. I respect every woman and mother so much more now than I ever had before. What a blessing and a gift.

A body made so intrinsically, with such flawless and unique design, took time. But much like the trajectory of line, one slight degree off and we will see it end totally different than from where it originally set out to attend. It starts from the beginning. The parts of us that are us before we actually become us. And when we meet, what begins to form has this design in mind EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s never a question of WHAT will come out? What will it look like and how will it function. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Life is born.

We are people. We have a heartbeat before anyone in the world knows we exist. We are a wonderful design that started from what seemed impossible, and became something great. We are a design, a creation, an existence. We are known what we will become before we even become it. We are known. To say that we aren’t known is to deny every single life that has come before us, including our own as well. All through history someone, somewhere, has been led by an enemy of SELF, an enemy of us, to destroy this design. Birth control, world wars, plagues and disease, murder, voices, abortions, oppression, racism, control. We weren’t made to be caged or lined or slaughtered. We were made to be WONDERS. Let’s STOP destroying ourselves through these “normal” society exceptions. Let’s stop following the trend because it’s “what we’re told.” Let’s use this amazing technology called “US” and let it live to it’s greatest potential!

There is a way you were made, that can make sense and be known to you, because it’s the way YOU were made, it’s YOU. Who can know you more than you.

Birth control will control you. It will change your body to do something it doesn’t naturally do. Abortion will kill you. It’s taking a part of you, that you’ve created from your own body, and destroys you - not it - YOU, it’s destroying you…

It’s time we knew the truth, are led by the truth, and finally give ourselves the freedom to come in line with the truth. Join me. I believe we will all be blessed on the adventure of discovering this truth of how wonderfully made we really are.

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