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Hi, I’m Joanna. I used to be a Martino, and then I married this awesome guy - Kerry Beasley. Together we made the most adorably, smart, intuitive and fun little boy, Rovun Ray. I love being a mom, as much as I love being a wife. Every new season in my life has been even more amazing than the last. I believe that’s how life is supposed to be - growing, getting bigger and better.


Auditioning for American Idol at the ripe age of 16, and becoming a semi-finalist was a big deal for anyone at that time, but especially for a girl like me - number 4 of 5 kids, raised in a small country town in Michigan, family focused and loving the county fair, sports, math and boys. I love that I get to help young girls find their path in life - because as you can see, mine was broad. 

 My Story.

Moving to Nashville shortly after I graduated was a game-changer. I made my first album at 19 titled “My World" followed by "Patiently Waiting" and continued on my path of traveling the country, singing and speaking at big festivals, concerts and youth events. I’ve been greatly influenced by being on stage with incredible artists like Jeremy Camp, Chris Tomlin, Natalie Grant and Clint Black. The stage that had the most influence over my life came by surprise when I sang at Chick-fil-A headquarters with The Cathy Family. I’ve always had a heart for people, but it’s communities like that who’ve made me really SEE every person and desire to help them the way others have helped me. I often remind myself of this when I’m boarding a plane, leaving my family to speak to incredible women across the country, and change there lives forever.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I’ve also had a revelation that condemnation is the root of all fear. Jesus says He no longer condemns us, so what gives us the right to condemn ourselves when we’ve been given HIS righteousness and declared right. Sometimes that revelation of truth doesn’t always come so easy. Inspire & Rewire: The way to experience true transformation is a combination of emotional conclusions and hard-core truthful facts. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people experience this because my life has been radically changed by it. It’s one of the main reasons I released my most recent album "Loud Love." Every line was deeply meditated on to combine melodies with the soul moving Words of our Father. It’s powerful, and has the ability to Inspire & Rewire. I’m honored to say it was named Top 20 Worship Albums of 2013 by New Release Tuesday.


Today I live across the country in SoCal. California fits me in so many ways, but my whole life I’ve been shaped to fit a different puzzle. These past few years I’ve had the privilege to grow, to press in, and to see my life soar, all with many, many growing pains. I've had the privilege of being one of the worship leaders at a phenomenal, growing church here in California, The Congregation. The Pastor, Tim Storey, is a world-renown motivational speaker & SuperSoul 100. His heart for people and sharing the real Jesus has been a catalyst for mine and Kerry's life together and the ministry we share.


I’m forever grateful that the Lord sees me, just one person, as someone valuable enough to care about each detail of my life, down to my favorite style or food I love to eat. If I matter, and I’m worth it to Him, what would really happen if I fully received that as absolute, and compelled others just the same…so here I am.

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